Equity Release

Valuable homes where cash can be unlocked

Retirees left disappointed after government scraps secondary annuity market

In October, thousands of retirees discovered they are stuck with their unwanted annuity incomes for life, as the government scrapped its plans to create a market for secondary annuities next year.

For those who had been relying on the opportunity to generate a cash lump sum in retirement from their ‘second hand annuity’, the decision will be deeply disappointing. Read more

Boxes Moving House

Moving house with equity release

As we approach retirement our priorities naturally change, and what might have been the perfect home to raise a family in, may not necessarily be so perfect for us in later life.

It seems many people looking to move house these days are working towards a similar end goal. Research from the property website Rightmove found that 40 per cent of homeowners who are moving are selling their homes to downsize*. Read more

Property for sale. Help children buy.

Helping children onto the property ladder

For those of us with grown up children or grandchildren trying to make the great leap into home ownership, we know only too well the struggle facing our younger generations.

In today’s property market, the bank of mum and dad – or even grandma and granddad – is under increasing pressure to help our loved ones on or up the ladder. Read more