Equity Release

Property for sale. Help children buy.

Helping children onto the property ladder

For those of us with grown up children or grandchildren trying to make the great leap into home ownership, we know only too well the struggle facing our younger generations.

In today’s property market, the bank of mum and dad – or even grandma and granddad – is under increasing pressure to help our loved ones on or up the ladder. Read more

House prices falling, houses sitting on reducing amounts of money

Are house prices set to crash?

The Treasury have predicted that house prices could plummet should we leave the EU following the 23rd June referendum.

Chancellor George Osborne dramatically revealed the research points to house prices falling between 10 and 18pc should we vote for a Brexit result. The figures are based on the Pound Sterling being 3.6 to 6pc lower over the next two years, assuming there is an economic shock following a vote to leave the EU.
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Voluntary Repayments, Money Jar

The flexibility of voluntary repayments

Growing numbers of people with maturing interest-only mortgages are using flexible new lifetime mortgage products to pay off their loan.

Equity release sales hit record highs in the first quarter of 2016 as homeowners unlocked £393million from their homes in just 3 months. Experts in the industry believe this increase was largely driven by homeowners needing the maximum cash available now to pay off shortfalls in interest-only mortgages.

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