Moving House

302016Nov Hampstead, home town of celebrity Tom Conti

Celebrity Equity Release

For those of us working into our 60s and 70s to clear our mortgages and rid ourselves of credit card repayments, it can be hard to feel much pity for celebrities living the high life. But spare a thought for these celebrities who might be finding it much harder to sell their UK homes this year.

Following the stamp duty hike in the April 2016 budget, some of the UK’s more pricier properties now have over a million pounds in tax added to the cost of purchasing them – meaning many sellers are having to push down their prices to appease disgruntled buyers.Read more

212016Nov London, top urban retirement destination

An Urban Retirement

After years of the 9 to 5 and making the daily commute to the city, one might assume that most people in later life would be fleeing to a rural retreat in retirement to enjoy the plentiful benefits of countryside living.

Yet, for those of us who have lived and worked in urban areas for the last 40 or so years, when the time comes to retire, the once-romantic reality of a country retirement, with its green fields, self-sustaining vegetable gardens and the pretty rose-covered cottages, could be a change too far. Read more

72016Nov Boxes Moving House

Moving house with equity release

As we approach retirement our priorities naturally change, and what might have been the perfect home to raise a family in, may not necessarily be so perfect for us in later life.

It seems many people looking to move house these days are working towards a similar end goal. Research from the property website Rightmove found that 40 per cent of homeowners who are moving are selling their homes to downsize*. Read more

102016Aug Retired couple enjoying a European beach

European places to retire to

Better weather, lower property prices and a slower pace of life – just some of the reasons why thousands of Britons every year opt for retirement overseas.

When you consider the many benefits of retiring to the Continent, it really is no wonder that just over 1.3 million Britons are living in Europe*. Read more


Downsizing in a Depressed Housing market

Downsizing is the preferred method of releasing equity for elderly homeowners at or in retirement. Moving into a smaller and cheaper property is usually more economic for those struggling to live on a pension income and often enables them to relocate to somewhere more suitable for fulfilling their retirement dreams.Read more


Retiring Abroad: Realising the Dream … Without Losing the UK Home

Despite the recent financial crisis suffered throughout Europe, and the issues with the Euro, many people still dream of retiring to warmer climes. Health benefits, a reasonable cost of living, a fairer climate, a more relaxed way of life: all factors that lead pensioners to consider a life abroad once they have given up work.

With property prices in many European countries proving to be very attractive to the buyer at present, now could well be a good time to make that move.Read more


Ex-Pats Migrating back to UK

More than two thirds of Brits who headed off to Europe for a life in the sun are returning to the UK.

UK foreign exchange experts Moneycorp have recently reported that 70% of Brits who moved to mainland Europe are now considering coming home because as the value of the Pound has plunged, so has their ability to afford mortgage payments and general living costs. Some 74% of those ex-pats living in Spain alone intend to return to the UK, according to the survey.Read more