60 and stylish: The fashion icons you must follow

You’re in that eye-opening time of your life where you really know yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. You don’t worry about what people think and with the insecurities banished you can really be who you want to be. You can be the best version of yourself

You’ve had a life of adventures, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. It’s time to celebrate your style and express who you are – just like these amazing individuals who are 60+, fun and fearless and rocking their retirement!

Life is for living!

Live it your way and live it in style.

Accidental Icon

Accidental Icon Instagram

Image Credit: Accidental Icon via Instagram

A must follow is Lyn Slater, a cultural influencer, professor, model, writer, content creator and speaker who became an Accidental Icon at the age of 64.

Lyn was always well dressed and often told she should write a blog. One day during New York Fashion Week, while waiting for a friend she was surrounded by photographers who mistook her for a fashion icon. “You’re an accidental icon” her friend told her, and so this was the name she gave to her blog.

From this, Lyn now has a fashion contract and is an influencer with nearly half a million Instagram followers. In an interview with NBC nightly news, Lyn says;

You do not have to accept the box that society puts you in, reinvent yourself the way you want to be

Lyn’s unapologetic attitude and fresh style is a great example of self-expression and being happy with who you are. We love her inspirational blog filled with photos of her urban and modern look, and with nearly half a million Instagram followers, we’re not the only ones.

I’m not twenty, and I don’t want to be twenty, but I’m pretty cool, and here I am

Lyn Slater

The Bias Cut

The-Bias-Cut Instagram

Image Credit: The-Bias-Cut.com via Instagram

Style never fades, it evolves 

The-Bias-Cut.com is an online boutique that celebrates style at every age.  Its founder, Jacynth Bassett, wanted to feature collections for any age and any size after she noticed her mum’s frustration at how the fashion industry wrongly targeted her demographic.

She wanted to show that ageism will never be in style.

No woman is invisible or irrelevant.”

Founder of The-Bias-Cut.com, Jacynth Bassett.

Everyone should celebrate with their own personal style and you can with The-Bias-Cut.com. Jacynth’s in-depth understanding of different women’s bodies and shapes, as well as cuts and fabrics means the hard work of finding clothes that fit properly is done for you.

The-Bias-Cut.com focuses on premium pieces. Jacynth makes sure that each item is tried and tested by real women of different shapes, sizes and ages, so you can be reassured that you’ll find quality clothing with the perfect fit.

You can shop by body shape, occasion, areas you want to celebrate along with areas you want to cover. This really is the ideal shopping experience and celebrates style at all ages.

Grey Fox

Grey Fox Instagram

Image Credit: Grey Fox via Instagram

David Evans, who describes himself as a “contemporary English gentleman” is the author behind the Grey Fox.

David’s menswear blog – aimed at older men – really fills a gap in the market. He proves that men of a certain age can pull off a variety of fashionable looks – both casual and formal.

As a lawyer, David always prided himself on sharp attire and snappy suits. But then found it harder to know what to wear and where to buy clothes in his early forties.

At that age, men become uncertain about when they should be wearing jeans and a T-shirt or not, etc. It’s not a huge worry, but it’s something we think about.

David Evans.

By his mid-50s he took an interest in fashion and now highlights how older men can stay stylish and fashionable, no matter their age.

The Grey Fox Blog Instagram account has over 20k followers and this is where David posts photos of his lifestyle and fashion tips.

I’d like men to take more of an interest in cut, fit, pattern, colour, texture, and those kinds of things. I’m not telling people what to wear; I’m in the business of showing what’s possible.

David Evans

Alternative Ageing

Suzi Grant Alternative Ageing

Image Credit: Alternative Ageing via Instagram

Suzi Grant promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle for the over 50s. With her bold sense of style and passion, her mission is to spread the word about positive aging,

Suzi spent three years training to be a nutritionist. She wanted to change her own lifestyle as well as write books and help others boost their own health in an easy and manageable way. Her blog, Alternative Aging, launched in 2014 to share her experiences and tips on fashion, style, health, nutrition, travel and lifestyle for the over 50s.

Now in her late 60s, Suzi is more confident than ever,

I no longer feel invisible, as I did at 50, and nor should you, so I want to share with you all I’ve learned over the years so you too can grab life by the balls and enjoy it as much as I do!

And Suzi is definitely enjoying life! Her blog and Instagram account show her travelling to places like Ibiza, Marrakech, Greece, as well as spending the winter over in Australia. When not travelling, Suzi’s home in Brighton is a perfect fit with its quirky shops, music and art scene and vibrant character. We had the pleasure of interviewing Suzi who shared with us her tips on how to be stylish and live your best life.

Style Crone

Style Crone

Image Credit: Style Crone via Instagram

Judith Boyd, is the author and face of fashion blog, Style Crone, which she began in 2010. Now with over 30k Instagram followers, the 75-year-old fashion icon is an inspiration for older women.

Judith spent most of her career working as a psychiatric nurse in an emergency setting and chose to express herself through pairing exquisite hats and vintage pieces to portray her creative flare and sense of style. In the 80s she also co-owned a hat shop and sold vintage clothing in an antique mall.

Choosing my outfits, which always included a hat, was a way to express myself creatively and as a form of meditation as I approached my day

Judith Boyd

Judith’s vibrant, bold and striking presence makes a statement to inspire others to celebrate and cherish their “inner crone.” Her outlook on life and style is refreshing and fun, and her blog is a must read if you need a little inspiration.

I am always inspired by diversity and individual expression and find inspiration everywhere!

Judith Boyd