The Board at Bower

Our Board of Directors features four long-standing and respected individuals, each with their own unique and extensive experience in the financial industry. It is their skill, dedication and leadership that helps guide the company forward, providing an even greater level of service to our customers:

Geoff Charles

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff set up Bower in 2006 with the single vision of creating an ethical equity release company that would consistently deliver the core values of trust, honesty and service to their customers.
Geoff received the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award in 2011.

Andrea Rozario

Chief Corporate Officer

Andrea joined Bower after more than ten years experience in the equity release industry because, in her own words, ‘the ethos, professionalism and family feel of Bower was a natural fit’.
Andrea was formerly Director General of the Equity Release Council and its predecessor, SHIP.

Jon King


Jon joined Bower to work with a truly independent company devoted to putting the customer first.
Jon dedicates his time to helping ensure the company grows whilst keeping the core values Trust. Honesty and Service.
Jon is formerly the Chairman of SHIP and held a Directorship with Hodge Lifetime.

Peter Mila

Chief Operating Officer

Peter joined Bower to work with a company that is always striving for excellence.
Today, his extensive expertise in Operations and Planning help maintain the continual improvement in customer service and quality of advice at Bower.
Peter previously worked with the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (LVMH) Group and a number of UK and International retail businesses.